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Path of the Accident II


In ‘The Path of the Accident’ (2006), the work excavates through photography and film an expression of magical thinking. The film is narrated through a clairvoyant persona that reveals through the repertoire of psychic phenomena, prediction, synchronicity, paranoia and anxiety the circular nature of a world caught in a dynamic of overlapping belief systems, be it communism, terrorism, various religious ideologies and esoteric practises. The central motif is a series of crystals from an antique chandelier. At a formal level these crystalline bodies perform as an extended lens of the camera. That is, a metaphoric lens evoking through its refraction subtle shifts in the perception of time and space within the visual field. What is examined is the nature of perception, the consciousness of objects and technology, digital alchemy, the performative in ritual practise, political reportage and collective and personal histories. (Refer to essay below)


Catalogue essay by David Bishop for the exhibition The Path of the Accident (II)